At Zero Zero we strive to design clothing that resonates with the soul of the wearer. We identify with the transhumanism movement and therefore aim to enhance the human physiology and our capability by incorporating nanotechnology into our clothing.

Imagine your clothing becoming a part of your being and reacting to your environment to amplify your abilities. Think bullet proof fabrics, transforming built-in mechanisms which strengthen your movement, and thermal management fabric which keep your body at a set temperature no matter the environment.

It is possible to make materials which harvest energy from the environment and movement allowing you to charge your phone in your pocket or display moving graphics on your clothing.

We strive to maintain our spiritual vibe while incorporating technologies of the future into our clothing  adding an element we feel has been missing from fashion. Ultimately, we want to accelerate the adoption of advanced nanotechnologies in order to progress transhumanism and achieve eutopia.

Welcome to ZERO ZERO.